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Aurelio is the world’s first image viewer that makes an extensive use of many aspects of Computer hardware to introduce completely new possibilities to the world of image Viewing.

See your digital pictures in full detail and full glory. This is possible with modern computers, but sadly most photo viewing software don't use all the capabilities of your computer. So you have computer hardware that you have paid for but you do not use. By using Aurelio's exceptionally sophisticated, yet easy-to-use features you can unleash your computer's hidden capabilities to do things have never been seen before on PC and completely upgrade your image viewing experiment.

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"Aurelio takes image viewing to a whole new level."
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Converting your image to an attractive art drawing is just one of dazzling effects Aurelio has to offer , and by taking advantage of your computer hardware Aurelio can execute this effect at light speed , so you can dynamically adjust the intensity of the art drawing lines by mouse wheel.

Aurelio can greatly enhance your image details , also you can adjust the detail level by mouse wheel in a dynamic way just like in the T.V. , which is only made possible by taking advantage of your computer's hardware.

For simplicity reasons Aurelio hides the complex details of it's used technologies  but Computer professionals and 3D gurus can explore these technologies.

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